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  • [ti:I Honestly Love You]
    [00:10.00]编曲: 赵增熹
    [00:26.65]Maybe I hang around here a little more than I should
    [00:33.32]We both know I got some where else to go
    [00:40.91]But I got something to tell you
    [00:44.74]That I never thought I would
    [00:48.30]But I believe you really ought to know
    [00:56.12]I love you
    [01:02.05]I honestly love you
    [01:12.05]You don't have to answer
    [01:14.95]I see it in your eyes
    [01:18.30]Maybe it was better left unsaid
    [01:25.94]But this is pure and simple, and you must realise
    [01:32.59]That it's comin' from my heart and not my head
    [01:42.15]I Love You
    [01:48.00]I honestly love you
    [01:56.26]I'm not tryin' to make you feel uncomfortable
    [02:03.27]I'm not tryin' to make you anything at all
    [02:09.50]But this feeling doesn't come along everyday
    [02:17.30]And you shouldn't blow the chance
    [02:20.47]when you've got the chance to say
    [02:27.26]I love you
    [02:34.95]I love you
    [02:39.14]I honestly love you
    [02:48.43]If we both were born in another place and time
    [02:54.85]This moment might be ending in a kiss
    [03:02.62]But there you are with yours
    [03:05.48]And here I am with mine
    [03:09.03]So I guess we'll just be leavin' it at this
    [03:18.50]I love you
    [03:24.18]I honestly love you
    [03:31.67]I honestly love you
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